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Meet Sherri Phibbs

Deep Play Specialist, Author & Artist

With a varied and fascinating repertoire of therapies, Sherri Phibbs is a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner in Nature-Assisted Integrated Wellness, a Deep Play Specialist.


An author currently working on her third book, "The Book On Nature Immersion" and a lifelong artist, Sherri has a soft spot in her heart for stressed-out humans who are feeling the fires of burnout and loneliness.

Sherri uses her skills in varying disciplines to support her clients with Nature-assisted stress relief. Her mission is to help you beat the social-distancing blahs, and gain a powerful, easy-to-use at home, stress relief plan and tools, in a fun, live online environment with deeply insightful art-making. Basically, she's dedicated to moving you toward optimal wellness while you're having fun doing it.

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    Do the infinite ways Nature heals seem like just an entertaining woo-woo story, a hopelessly confusing mishmash of barely believable possibilities that make it impossible to get down to what really works? Or maybe, you're waiting for something, a map, formula, or someone to prod you into action, so you get moving to see your own way to clarity, meaning, a sense of balance and purpose in your life? 

    Then, let Sherri's elegantly simple practice show you how to immerse yourself in the liminal places in Nature where science and spirituality meet, and overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from truly moving forward toward your full potential, toward optimal wellness, with grace, naturally. Buy book here.


    Learn this fun and inspired process for reconnecting with Nature, and begin your own powerful journey of understanding.


    Train your senses to sync with how Nature communicates and guides you to what will bring you optimal wellness, move you towards reaching your full potential.  From single one hour sessions to 24 two hour components with homework and supportive mentoring calls, culminating in an off-grid Nature immersion drum-making weekend in a yurt in the boreal forests of the Rocky Mountain foothill country, you discover an innovative and profoundly enlightening approach to learning.


    You're going to have new keys that are going to open new doors to applying optimal wellness in your everyday life so you can live well with clarity, passion and purpose.

    Book a free Discovery/Strategy Session here.


    I spent DECADES searching for tools to help me heal the chaos that was my life.


    I don't want you to have to do the same...

    If you are suffering under heavy stress loads, feeding the fires of burnout, I challenge you to step back, re-evaluate and move toward optimal wellness by mastering the EcoART Process, nature-assisted stress relief tools.

    You CAN step into YOUR OWN POWER and LIVE WELL with clarity, passion, and purpose, even if you are currently suffering under a heavy stress load and playing with the fires of burnout.  


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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada