The Joy of Apples

A Class in Sacred Creativity

July 14, 2018



If you've found your access to that sacred inner creative fire blocked by the same-old, same-old of everyday living, treat yourself this summer, to some quality me-time outside the corporate box. Bring the spiritual wisdom of Nature into your life through an innovative process that reignites the creative fire of your soul with a user-friendly nature-reconnection practice.


"The Joy of Apples" is held on a stunning 13 acres of meadows, boreal forests, and fresh country air in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Take a transformative journey of creative self discovery, and awaken to the elegantly simple joys of each precious, sensual, creative moment.

Oh, I need this!


Experience the sensual beauty of the great outdoors while also enjoying a unique solar-powered, eco-friendly yurt studio in the woods. A delightful assortment of organic beverages, biscotti, and fresh, organic apples with caramel, complement a morning of intriguingly creative, yet down-to-earth activities.

After a short 35 minute drive from Calgary, Alberta, you arrive at the welcoming Double Raven Keep, a private ranch made available for this workshop, and the journey begins when you open a conversation with Nature. 

This sounds wonderful!


You mingle with fellow seekers of the Sacred Creative Fire, and get in the flow together, prepared to be inspired by what Nature has to say to you about living within the flames of your own creative nature!

Say good-bye to everything you ever thought you knew about your own senses, about Nature, about the liminal space where science and spirituality meet, as the stunning beauty of the nature-beings you engage with provide a doorway to deeply personal exploration and creative self-discovery.


In the embrace of the boreal forests, we will uncover all our senses, exploring how each channels inspiration and messages from our environment directly to our body, mind, spirit and soul. How allowing these senses to atrophy through disuse conspires to have us living and being less than our best selves.

Then we'll do our best to give all those senses a practical creative workout, and break through those blocks to our Sacred Creative Fire with awareness and purpose.

We will realize there is no box that can hold us back. 

Wake Up

Do you often doubt your own senses?  Ignore or discount your gut feelings or intuition?  Distrust those nudges from the Universe?

In the safe embrace of the Rocky Mountain foothills, surrounded by supportive new friends, learn how to acknowledge and trust all your senses, empowering you, through the truth of your own personal experience, to live your life to the fullest!

Things You Should Know

By treating yourself to a morning of sensual awakening, accessing your Sacred Creative Fire, you will find yourself at a feast for your senses, a free-flowing and organic creativity immersion that only Sherri P offers you. This transformational journey is all about a user-friendly process that moves you, heart and soul, to stand with courage in the fires of your own creative center. 

All required instruction, art media tools, and eco-art supplies are provided, and

you are gifted with a new journal to help you track your Nature reconnection process and it's powerful agency for change within your life.

There is no need for you to bring anything, just relax and come as you are.



Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Coffee time is served at 9:30 AM

Workshop begins at 10:00 AM

Ends at Noon approximately

You are welcome to bring any special snacks you may require;

but please, no peanuts or peanut products.

A Class in Sacred Creativity


If you've ever wondered how touching your creative heart and soul works, and you're seeking a fun, easy and unique way to challenge your perceptions, release old paradigms and break through the blocks your sacred creative fire has been imprisoned behind, all in a Nature-friendly environment where you can relax into and truly appreciate the experience --- sign up for a new class of creativity.

Get living ... access your sacred inner fires of creation! Naturally.

July 14th, 2018, 10:00 AM - Noon(ish)

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