Wellness isn't something you check off on a to-do-list...


It's a state of being you create when:

  • You experience the wildscape, both yours & Nature's.

  • You unplug, for a time, from your schedules, careers, cell service & wifi.

  • You create touchstones and make connections, moments to treasure for a lifetime. 

Applying Wellness through Nature Immersion?

You may be wondering,
"How would I benefit from this...?"

Through extensive study, research and personal experience, Sherri discovered that when we live the majority of our lives in concrete and steel buildings, surrounded by artificial lighting and environmental controls, our natural senses atrophy through disconnection from the rhythms of the Earth, and our lives become out of balance. Those rhythms are necessary to sustain our body, mind, spirit and soul in a state of wellness. Nature beings, and you are one, have an inborn ability to find and hold a divine state of balance in body, mind, spirit and soul. The purpose of The Nature Immersion Project, is to give you access to eco-reconnection tools and experiences that assist, enhance and empower this ability so you find your sweet spot. Behold, integrated wellness.


When we are off balance, we suffer; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Especially those who are empathetically drawn to caring for or serving others, either as professionals or personally. In fact, focusing on others needs often makes it challenging to care for and heal your own life. This personal imbalance ripples out from us and impacts our communities, societies, even globally. It's not just a 'me' problem.


Your may think, "If I'm going to rebalance, it better be fun and easy! That's what I need to apply wellness in my life..." 


...and you're right! If you're going to carve out time in your busy calendar, it truly better be fun and easy!  Creative eco-reconnection is exactly that. Through the healing power of eco-reconnective play and conscious nature immersion, The Nature Immersion Project brings delight, joy and intriguing insights into your life. It is simple. It is effective, and the tools you learn can be used whenever and wherever it is needed to help you find and maintain your personal sense of equilibrium

Maybe you wonder, "But what about that "shaman" word you toss around in your book?  Isn't that kind of woo-woo and out-there?"  


Shaman is a word of Northern European origin, that is used to describe a world-wide set of nature-connected beliefs and practices non-specific to any particular people or traditions. In her second book, The Accidental Shaman, 42 Steps to Awakening, Sherri P., who apprenticed and studied shamanic practice with Peter Calhoun in the US, may he rest in peace, writes that shaman is an often misunderstood word, in some instances associated with whispers of magic, tricksters, faith healing, or witchcraft. 

In truth, the term shamanism, as it is used in relation to Creative Eco-Reconnection; with it's components of animism, drum-making, and seeking personal insight / wisdom from Nature, describes a non-religious, non-worship-based, inspired merger of science and spirituality. A nature guided, sense-awakening personal life skills practice with all the therapeutic benefits of a consciously sought, deep spiritual connection to nature. Sense-based, direct response creativity. It refers to a millennia old, worldwide human activity that is non-specific to race, country or continent. A practice that allows Nature the opportunity to teach humanity about self-sustaining balance, personal wellness, and healthy relationships.  

Learn more about Sherri P. here


At this point, you may be wondering... "How does that work?"

Well, it works because Creative Eco-Reconnection is based on the simple understanding that all things in the universe are energetically connected and balanced... that all beings, animals, humans, trees, plants, birds, fish, future, past, present, et al, are related and inter-connected as part of a self-balancing, self-sustaining organism; from the tiniest particle on a quantum level, to our planet, to our multi-dimensional multi-verse on a macro level. 


Creative Eco-Reconnection allows the intelligence in that connectivity to help us create and maintain a healthy balance within ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and society.

OK, you may be thinking... "So, how would I get that to benefit me?"


Here's an example, the energetic threads that connect you to water activate when your body is dehydrated, making water look attractive to you. You drink water and feel better. When you follow a thread of natural attraction like this, you are drawn to what you need in the moment, to that which naturally sustains you.


Simple, right? 


What if you were then told that there are a great many of those threads, generated over 54 different natural pathways that you can use to sense how Nature communicates with you?

And, all those threads have the potential to pull you directly toward what makes you feel better; not only physically, but emotionally, mindfully, spiritually, soulfully.


Are you awake to the deligtful possibilities?


How many of those threads are you able to sense in this moment? How do you learn to consciously sense and actively follow ALL of those energetic natural attraction threads to create clarity, balance, and personal wellness? 


Do you even trust all your senses?


Or do you brush some of them off - where did that thought, dream, intuitive knowing come from? Do you second-guess or over-analyze yourself? Spend precious moments sitting on the fence, trying to determine the "right path"?  How do you process the natural wisdom communicated through your own senses when you aren't awakening to the fact that they are there? Does it all sound too complicated?


What if you were told it is super-easy and lots of fun to learn? What if you can access that natural wisdom, whenever and wherever you need it?

The Vision Labs are like a spiritual spa treatment over-flowing with intelligently designed tools that help you create balance, gain clarity, and get hold of the gift that is the human experience, your human experience, anytime.


These tools are valuable. 


Honestly, creative tools that promote clarity, balance and wellness, are priceless. They help you get past the blocks in your way, wake you to the realization that the box you are desperately trying to think outside of in order to create a semblance of balance in your life, is only in your mind, maintained by old beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you. In truth, there is no box, and your possibilities for sustaining personal wellness are endless. 

Learning with Nature is available to everyone. We are all Nature-Beings.


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