When it comes to thinking and being creative, outside that proverbial box, the effort can leave a lot of us scratching our heads and wondering if the box actually came with an exit. Especially during the depths of winter, when the hours of light are so short, and the weather cold.

However, it literally becomes elegantly simple, when you take things... well, literally. Like me. 

So that means...yes, outside in the middle of the Freaking Canadian Winter!

Back in 2012, I wrote a book called The Final-Artdown, a challenge to create a single art piece every day counting down to - the end of the world - Mayan Calendar-style. 

Over the years, we've all seen how daily and monthly writing, photography and drawing programs can improve your skills and inspire leaps in your creative output. But if you are anything like me, you may find that being confined to one media is, well, confining.

So, I am doing my own thing once again.

Introducing:  #FEBRUARTY

An EcoART challenge that gets you outside the box - your indoor living space - to create art outside - assisted by Nature ... during the darkest, coldest, most challenging time of the year.

Am I going to use this newly minted annual challenge to sell, sell, sell programs and products? No. I am going to use it to benefit you. To get you outside reconnecting with nature and find your own way to inspiration, clarity, balance & creative self-expression. #EcoART.


AND... Yes! 



What is Februarty?


Beginning On February 1st, 2019, Febuarty will have a daily EcoART hint to get you outside, loving the Earth, and creating nature-assisted works of art.

To be fair, there is no restriction on the type of media. All your favs are open to you, as well as some suggestions for something just a bit different! #EcoART

There's also a commitment contract. That's right... dun, dun, dun. Since it isn't quite signed in blood, there is a bit of room to play around, and besides the contract is between you and ... you! Are you really going to sue yourself for breach of contract if you have to change things around half way through? The challenge is nothing but user-friendly.

Watch this space for the Rules of Play and clues for your daily practice.  


Spirit, I mean my Legal Department, is drafting that commitment contract as you read this... in blood. Just kidding!!!

Above all, Februarty is about having fun! 


It's about reconnecting to Nature at it's most challenging, and creatively expressing yourself, body, mind, spirit and soul in any media you wish. Art, music, dance, written word, spoken word, food, sculpture... You can even do what I did in The Final ArtDown, and track your progress in writing with a daily journal.

I'll be facing off with daily Facebook posts and extra challenges come New Years Day. Are you up for the ultimate creative rush?   



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