Based in the pristine depths of the Alberta Rocky Mountain foothill country, expressive artist, Sherri Phibbs, has been honing her skills in Intuitive EcoART for the last several years. Originally, a watercolourist, Sherri blended her artistry skills with her ten year experience in eco-reconnection for integrated wellness, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions.

Sherri's evolution into Intuitive EcoART allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further. Her use of Nature's guidance allows Sherri to challenge the boundaries of artistic expression - utilizing an intuitive spiritual connection to Nature to tell stories, which explore the depths of Nature's wisdom/gifts for your well-being.

WELCOME to my world!

Where it all begins with coffee & a conversation...

and by all, I mean, Intuitive EcoART. 


Artwork that tells stories. Where each piece is an exercise in interconnectedness infused with deep symbolism. These insightful and beautiful art pieces come into being through a very personal and unique spiritual connection to Nature, an uplifting and light-hearted by-product of my own personal integrated wellness and spiritual growth practice for nurturing my inner wildscape through creative eco-reconnection.



Personal messages carried on the whispers of Nature? How awesome is that?


Insights and guidance from Nature, from Spirit, are communicated through an inspired combination of imagery, written language and numerology. Each deeply symbolic art piece comes into being through a very personal and unique form of automatic drawing or creative expression. From sculpture and photography, to mixed media on canvas or archival papers, anything is possible. Sherri's deeply intuitive connection to Nature gives voice to stories that explore, speak to, and support the natural balance and peace of your own inner wildscape. 


When you commission Intuitive EcoART by Sherri, you may be assured of receiving a unique, original, professional quality artwork, created just for you. Expressed through a sensitive connection to her guiding creative muse, there may be an important message waiting for you. You will receive a complete written analysis of the artwork and any messages that may be communicated during the creation process, as well as an artist signed certificate of authenticity.


As I may have mentioned above, it all starts with a coffee and some conversation... spend time with Sherri in the studio. Have the question(s) you are seeking answers for (in writing) with you when you arrive. Discuss, read and sign the Artistry Commission form. Set artwork pick up date and time. Then come back and pick up your custom Intuitive EcoART by Sherri from the studio. It's that easy. 

Not able to come to the studio? Not to worry, we can arrange an online meeting and discuss options. 


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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada