Sherri A. Phibbs, is the author of two books & working on her third:
"The Accidental Shaman - 42 Steps to Awakening" & "The Final Art-Down - An Elemental Guide to Strengthening Your Creative Voice"

Eco-ART Therapy (Certified & Accredited), Equine Assisted Learning (Certified), Reiki Master (Certified),

Extensive Studies In Expressive Art & Animal-Assisted Therapies, Shamanic Practitce, Eco-Psychology


Nature beings, and you are one, have an inborn ability to find and hold a divine state of balance in body, mind, spirit and soul. The purpose of eco-reconnection, nature immersion, is to assist, enhance and empower this ability so you find your sweet spot. With a varied and fascinating repertoire of therapies, your host at Sign of the Pines, Sherri Phibbs, is a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner in Eco-Reconnection for Integrated Wellness. An eco-artist and author currently working on her third book, the forthcoming “The Book On Nature Immersion” she has a soft spot in her heart for high stress, open-minded creatives struggling to live a life of purpose and passion.

Sherri uses her skills in varying disciplines to support her students and clients through meaningful nature immersion experiences. Her mission is to create moments that you will learn from for a lifetime. Her aim is to provide a full body, mind, spirit, and soul integration experience where Nature is the teacher, the healer.

​Providing and teaching a fun and user-friendly practice that gives you all the therapeutic benefits of a deeply spiritual and mindful connection to the natural world, is her passion. You'll find decades of experience, a deep wealth of knowledge and inspiration, to help you find clarity of purpose, balance, sense-based direct response creative self-expression, and the keys to optimal wellness, moving you towards reaching your full potential.

In 2009, Sherri opened W.I.S.H. Studio, where she founded and directed the EcoART Process, an elegantly simple program specifically designed to assist professional women with nature-assisted stress management techniques. After many years of learning from Nature, followed by semi-retirement in 2017, Sherri transformed from "accidentally shamanic" to "balance & clarity sage" by following her own advice. Acknowledging the deep stirrings of the heart and being guided by the draw of the soul to make a difference, she is now hosting unique Nature Immersion experiences and stays that set you on a powerful journey of understanding.


Learn from her decades of experience and study: ... living with and managing chronic high stress from her early childhood on, Sherri P. developed a practice that helped her survive and thrive, overcoming a remarkably long list of stressors, some of which include a close family member's struggle with mental illness, a divorce complicated by substance abuse, and the trauma of a nearly head-on automobile collision. 


As a lifelong artist and horsewoman, she is extremely grateful to be able to use her connection to nature-beings and sense-based direct response creativity to deal with emotional and physical trauma. The damage could have been so much worse, and she acknowledges the assistance of someone or something looking out for her, an active "guardian spirit or protective consciousness".


Later receiving accredited certification in the under-grad study of eco-art therapy, with internationally recognized certification in equine-assisted learning (EAL), and complementing that with years of extensive study in the therapies of eco-psychology, expressive art & animal-assisted therapies (EA&AA), and conflict resolution. Sherri is not only accredited & certified in eco-art therapy, but she also became a certified Reiki Master, completed an apprenticeship in shamanic healing and practice (you can learn more about that here), and gained certification in akashic record healing.


This refined her survival tactics into a practice for thriving, and she uses her non-religious, non-worship-based, nature immersion practice to live more in balance, with Earth and her creatures, in her relationships, and within herself, every day. It saved her life.    

If you're like her, you've spent a great deal of your life ensuring others receive the care and assistance they need, which can make it challenging to find time for healing your own life
Currently working from her home studio in the Rocky Mountain foothill country, Sherri is both a teacher and practitioner, offering online or in person healing sessions and learning programs. As the founder and manager of SIGN OF THE PINES, Sherri also offers one-on-one drum-making retreats complete with an off-grid stay at Green-Beard's Yurt in a private forest on a small, family-run, equine hobby ranch in Alberta's Rocky Mountain foothills. 

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Sherri has made the Calgary area her home for more than 30 years. As disciplined about her work habits as she is about creating great results for her clients, she is most proud of her over 20 year relationship with her husband Doug, and surviving the launch of the kids into fun and inspired adulthood. Her calm, kind and peaceful presence supports both her clients and family, while three horses and a dog add a level of love and delightful chaos to their lives.

Sassy Ear-Worm for 2020:

"...Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could see the city light. Wind was blowing, time stood still. Eagle flew out of the night... He was something to observe. Came in close, I heard a voice. Standing, stretching every nerve. Had to listen, had no choice. I did not believe the information, just had to trust imagination..." 

     -- Peter Gabriel (Solsbury Hill)


High School Crowd:

A very non-judgemental independent thinker, I was never bothered much by peer pressure. If it wasn't for me, I had no trouble just saying no. I did say yes to bowling though, YBC from Peewee to Seniors, go team!


Something Surprising...

Sometimes, when people meet me for the first time, they are expecting a spiritualist and when I start in on the science, there's a moment of "recalculating". I'm a nature-being, a balance of spirituality and creativity, who developed a knack for nature-assisted self-care. I do use all my senses to help my clients reconnect with Nature for their benefit, including my senses of intuition and empathy. Oh, and I have some extremely powerful guides. ;-)   


Biggest Indulgence:

Did I mention, I love communicating with animals, especially horses? Horses are honest. They are also like chocolates, you can't have just one..."Honey, is the horse trailer hooked up?"


Weirdest Habit:

Sometimes, I will just go places, on a hunch, spur of the moment, drop everything... and just follow where I am drawn. It's led me on some very unusual adventures. 


Workplace Perk:

Horses, meditative time in Nature, and art, are in my job description! Need I say more?


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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada