Humans Against Burnout

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Acquire the first keys, to optimal wellness, clear the blocks and open all your senses to reach your full potential. Move toward choosing to live a meaning-filled life with passion and purpose.
You Will:

  • Discover and explore the first steps to reconnect with Nature, and have fun while you strengthen your clarity of purpose and grow Nature connections.

  • Challenge, identify and clear any negative blocks, beliefs or wranglers, freeing and strengthening your natural creative voice.

  • Explore, train and strengthen your natural senses through direct, purposeful communication with Nature. 

These are the first, basic keys to moving toward reaching your full potential, to living well with clarity, passion and purpose, to resetting your life.

And, I so want you to have them. Please do, take a moment and sign up for this online get together. You can do-it-yourself, but you don't have to do it alone. I'm sharing these tools so you don't have to.  


Join the get together, let's have some fun while you grow!



A Message for You:

"If you are serious about your journey, I have something really important to share, and I want you to be there. 

HUMANS AGAINST BURNOUT is a chance to learn something I have only ever offered in-person, as part of a program that sold for thousands and thousands of dollars. This is a unique, new opportunity to discover a few of the secrets I've picked up over my decades of study and experience, insights that will help you to reach your full potential without going through decades of trial and error on your own!

I also want you to know THERE ARE ONLY 10 SEATS available at this LIVE online afternoon gathering. So, if you are intrigued by this challenge and the possibilities it brings to light for you; please, please, answer the call. Accept the challenge and get moving. When the seats are filled the registration will be closed. If you are sensing the healing whispers of Nature, I don't want you to miss this!


Remember, as well as gathering the first keys that move you toward your full potential as a Nature-Being, you are also skipping right to the most pertinent details, the pearls of wisdom, found in decades of experience and study, proven tools that I know work! You have the opportunity to learn some of my secrets only previously taught in-person for thousands and thousands of dollars!

Even with all that, I really want to ensure you get as much out of this afternoon gathering as I can give you! In fact, I am so excited about providing you with as much as I can in an afternoon, that I am offering to you, as a gift for being one of the ten, a digital copy of my book, The Accidental Shaman - 42 Steps to Awakening, and that's not all. I am also including an archival quality art card of my personal journey-defining painting, Soul on Fire, and a beautiful signed journal, all part of a swag gift box mailed directly to your home.

Don't waste another moment sitting on the fence, not knowing which way you should go. Make a commitment to living life well with clarity, passion and purpose.


Book now and take your seat among those who, like you, are determined to reach their fullest potential!"

- S. A. Phibbs

Integrated Wellness Specialist



Honey Jars

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Sherri comes away feeling stronger about themselves and their place in the world.  Well worth the time!

C. Thomas,

Thomas Creek Ranch Wildflower Honey

Image by Kelly Forrister

You provided a professional yet at the same time a comfortable feel to each session. I felt "cared for" and worthy. I recognized that you were walking your talk; this is important to me.

Gabriela O,

FEEL Practitioner

Image by petr sidorov

A profoundly exquisite experience. Sherri is a gentle facilitator, drawing from a deep well of wisdom & knowledge. This was so much bigger than a class - it was a way of looking at my life from an elemental perspective. I feel so connected to my environment & myself in a more expansive & intimate way. Much gratitude...

Gayle L., Calgary

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Sherri is full of laughter and infinite patience. She listens with all her senses. There are times in your life when you are blessed to meet an extraordinary person at just the right moment of your journey. For me, Sherri is just such a person.

Scott T.

Druid, OBOD

Live with passion & purpose:

Unlock the first level to optimal wellness, open all your senses to reach your full potential. Commit to living your life with passion and purpose.

Nature is powerful. 

Nature has the ability to sway thinking, to change people's actions.

Nature has a message just for you. Are you listening?

You want to be able to apply wellness, clear blocks to reaching your full potential, in every possible aspect of your life, and Nature is waiting to help you.