• Sherri Phibbs

Full Moon Walk

A once in a lifetime super full blue moon with eclipse, and the pull of the tides within my body inspired wakeful awareness with an incredible firing of creative synapses deep into the darkness of the still night. An inspired drive to create and birth something extraordinary into the world.

Did I get any pictures? No. Something better... The drive to create was so strong, all else just fell away. All the pieces just fell into place and I'm driven with a Divinely inspired, Nature connection to create artwork. Guided to take the step, to write it in stone.

Forty-two important things I learned from my horse, forty-two separate pieces will grace the pages of "The Accidental Shaman". This means a delay printing the book, as I will now scramble to follow where I am drawn and still meet my deadline. Pre-order book >

But I am drawn. Guided. So strongly, knowing in my body, my soul, that this is needed. Is necessary. For whom? And how will it get to them? At this point, I don't know. I'm to leave that up to the Divine, the Universe, to hash out the details. In this moment, I am the creator. Channeling nature spirits and the whisper of the wind during a full moon walk.

I am freedom, breath, the crunch of boots on fresh, hard snow.

And I open a conversation with a nature-being that reaches out and draws me in with texture, colour, scent, shape and shadow. I am reminded through the course of this conversation, that the seeds have been planted, and already wait with invisible threads beneath the snow. I grieve that there is no visible sign of growth. I mourn the cold and barren snow cover, deep.

Patience. Nature whispers of patience. We are moving toward Spring. The druids call this turning point Imbolc, I call it February 2nd. For me it is a symbol of the revolving spiral of life lessons, repetition on many different levels, of roadblocks and obstacles encountered over and over. Very like a video game, actually. Three steps right, jump, block, strike now. You're dead. Start over and try again. Patience.

I wonder under the full moon's light, with the pull of the tide within on my mostly water-filled body. I wonder if I've got the steps right. Self-doubt creeps in like the dark shadows of the branches on the snow. Opening up to my conversant nature-being, I observe with shaman's eyes. I reach out to the fabric of the world with my heart, my spirit, my body and my mind, to sensually explore the intelligence of the webstrings of energy that connect us. Why this being? Why now?

Patience. The seeds are in the fertile ground. Spring is coming... and I create. Hidden from view, below the surface of public awareness. I create.

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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada