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Once upon a time, there was a kind and knowledgeable lady, who sat upon a fine horse and lived in a magical yurt, deep in the forests at the foot of a majestic mountain. Many members of The People, even doctors and researchers from a university on the far side of the Earth, travelled to visit with her and learn her secrets, which she was happy to teach them. For you see, she spoke with her horses and the other nature-beings in her forest in a most unique way, and when they whispered to her in return, the things they shared were most beneficial for creating inner peace, joy and love in the hearts and spirits of The People.

One day, when the sky was the bluest of blues and the spring air hung soft with the moisture of the melting snows, the lady in the woods had some unexpected visitors.

Unexpected, you see, because just one moon cycle earlier, when a new and tiny nature-being had crept across the Earth, sickening and spreading death among only The People in its path, the many kings, queens and leaders of The People had decreed there were to be No Visitors. You see they hoped that this would contain and stop the spread of the extremely tiny creatures who liked to hide on The People's hands and faces. They even hid in the very air The People breathed out! So. There were No Visitors Allowed!

Now these particular visitors, who came to the lady's home in the woods, were not from The People's realm, and felt no obilgation to follow the laws made by The People's kings, queens and leaders. They had a message to share and would allow nothing to get in their way...

Sharing the strident voice of Spring in the Rockies.

If this mated pair of Canada geese brought a smile to your face and your focus to the new life soon to be seen, the blessing of the season, then my job here is done. Have a wonderful rest of your day, wherever you are.

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