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Give Me Reason

I am woman.

I am a silver-haired woman.

With Metis roots, and a fox for a totem.

Hmmm? Does that mean I am a silver fox?

Words are powerful things.

Especially, I AM.

I am Love.

I am Peace.

I am Grateful.

...or, I am. I love. I see.

I see, clearly.

What about...

I am healthy.

I am wealthy.

I am wise.

Powerful words shape our perceptions.

Title: 555 Give Me Reason Artist: Sherri A. Phibbs

Saw this eagle - one in a flock of golden and bald eagles on the side of the road - tearing into a deer that had been killed by a car. They were surrounded by a flock of smaller birds. Ravens, crows, magpies, and such.

It spoke to me of victims.

Of the relationship to abusers and bullies. It spoke in words like... I am threatened. I am abused. I am lost.


I am hopeless.

I am alone.

I am broken.

Simply reading those words can affect you. Check in with your posture, your gut. Is it tight? Are your shoulders up, or forward? How about your spirit? Your heart?

Reason tells me that the words you own... the my's, the I am's ... the words you speak, are powerful. Those words shape your reality like writing the word "LOVE" on a jar of water reshapes the molecules of that water into stunningly beautiful patterns... or simply posting the words "HATE" or "WAR" on the water jar cause the water molecule patterns to degrade, to be broken and ugly.


"I AM"

shapes you,

creates you.

These are powerful words.

Find more powerful words here: The Accidental Shaman, 42 Steps to Awakening

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