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Grounding Anger

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

What is the healthiest way to deal with anger? The raging storm of frustration, PMS, menopause, or just plain old normal human emotional response, how do you redirect the lightening strikes so there is no collateral damage?

There has been a flurry of scientific study into the physical effects of grounding or earthing in the last while, so I posted a comprehensive look at said studies in Clint Ober's video. As a Grounding Pioneer, his inquiries sparked in-depth research that examined how grounding your body to the Earth impacts chronic inflammation and the diseases it can cause. These studies have brought to light amazing insight into how disconnection from the energy of the earth affects our physical health, the development of our bodies, and how grounding or reconnecting to the Earth's energy may heal us.

From my own studies of eco-psychology, with Dr. Michael Cohen, and personal experience with nature connection activities, both shamanic and scientific, I've discovered that not only is there a beneficial effect on our physical bodies from being in touch with the Earth; but also on our emotional state, our spirit, a settling of the soul, if you will. A grounding of the raging lightening storm that is anger, anger often a direct result of that very disconnection from the Earth.

There is an old saying about horses, "the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a (hu)man."

I understand this to be a metaphor, not negating the effect of horses as they are near to my heart, but rather, to build on this, to make it larger encompassing all of nature. Close contact, touching Nature, without barriers, is good for the inside of a human.

Touching the earth creates a rebalancing of body, mind, spirit and soul, in such an elegantly simple way that it often happens to us in a way that leaves us unaware. The experience goes unremarked, and unremembered, and thus relegated into the woo-woo. Still, however, a natural experience, a human experience of the natural world.

If you go into Nature, actively seeking and tracking this change, this shift in being becomes a surprising and delightful gift of well-being. Energy rebalances. This is a natural phenomenon. When we plug into that ion energy circuit of the earth, skin-to-skin so to speak, it only makes logical sense that we also become rebalanced. I have found this to be so.

This week I'm proposing an ice-walk challenge. In Canada, during the winter months, most of us are bundled up as tightly and warmly as possible. If there are any additional layers to be added between us and our environment, we are looking for them. Seasonal affective disorder can become debilitating due to the lack, the disconnection from sunlight, from Nature.

So this week, I'm going to do something I've never done in winter before. I'm going to go for a grounding, earthing walk, to actively seek the connection with the Earth through the soles of my feet in the depths of winter. This ground-breaking - for me - event will be on Facebook Live around 1:00 PM this Thursday. I'll track the effects of this icy cold earthing experience on anger and social outrage ( I'll read some more news articles on the unsolved murders of Canadian women before I go. ). I'll need to process, so of course there will be some artwork and reflection to follow.

Watch for the video on YouTube this Friday!

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