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Proof Positive That the Universe Has a Warped Sense of Humour

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Chances are I'm going to offend someone. Not intentionally, you understand, but as a simple byproduct of writing this story.

I felt myself floating outside myself, off and on, throughout the day.

What happened still makes me shake my head with a small, secretly satisfied, slightly smug smile on my face. Completing the body language picture... shoulder shrugging, elbows bent, palms wide and open upward in a symbolic gesture of baffled wonder, with that smile. Don't forget that smile, because as far as clarity of messages goes, from the Universe, the Divine, whatever label you want to give it ... this is good. Oh, and the symbolism around the numbers? That was researched as confirmation of my take on the numerical messages, after the event.

I was reading this book, foggy and unfocused, for days. So unlike me. The story begins...

A week ago Friday last, in the midst of a rather traumatic event, the strangest thing happened. It actually began a bit before the trauma with a weird sequence of events, so lets start there.

On the surface that Friday looks like every other, just another day in the life. Hit the floor running. Grab a coffee. Get to the computer for some messaging and a video call. I am exhausted. Hollowed out by an overwhelming sense of being off without knowing the cause. My mind is in a fog, my emotions muffled and my body tired. Too much brain fog. I am forgetting what I am doing walking from one end of the house to the other.

Focusing on healing others, I am ignoring myself. Again. Why is it a constant struggle to remember myself? The first thing that should have alerted me to the 'shift in the matrix' was the time on the coffee maker. You see, I'd unplugged it the day before then restarted it the previous night before going to sleep. The clock read 1:11. This happens so often, I usually take it as a sweet nod of connection affirming that I am supported in my work. So, it brought a smile to my face as I went to the office. Little did I know.

Checking the numbers, 111 is a reminder to track your thoughts and ideas as they are now relaying the answers you were seeking. You asked, now the energetic gateway has opened up for you. You've been positive and optimistic and your desires are about to manifest and help you to achieve your goals and aspirations. They will also assist you with serving your spiritual life purpose and soul mission.

During the call, I notice vaguely that I'd purchased the wrong coffee, definitely not decaf. Every cell in my body stood up at attention. Caffeine zinging through my now vibrating, usually caffeine free body, I decide to head right in to the next task. Again vaguely registering an - I should probably get some breakfast - thought, which was rudely shoved aside as I lose myself in the images, poetry and word-smithing that is my day. A few hours later, and I am feeling seriously not well. Clammy, sweaty waves wash over me and I get out of the comfy, very ergonomic, desk chair feeling off balance and wondering whether this is the dreaded menopausal hot flash I've yet to experience.

Menopause be damned. Nausea, hot and cold sweat waves, this it nasty! Arghhhh! Explosive diarrhea. So not good. Ok, maybe just a hot flash aannnddd ... no breakfast with an unexpected high dose of caffeinated coffee, possibly impacted by the "few" ounces of caffeine-rich dark chocolate yesterday evening. Feeling sweaty and shaky, I stuff a banana in my face, scramble outside - blessed coolness - and drive to the barn to feed the horses.

That's when the world squeezes in tight and twists sideways. I find myself kneeling on the barn floor, heart racing, sweating, shaking, with the world tilting and swaying in a most unsettling way. Breathe in. Breathe out. Staggering to my feet, and being me, I waddle over to the hay stall and cautiously toss out three flakes of hay to my surprisingly still and focused horses. I even remember to close the door to the hay stall. Patting myself on the back for this small accomplishment, I am on continual mind to body check-ins at this point, the edges of my vision darken and lighten uncomfortably while my heart races way faster than the activity warrants.

On the verge of passing out or vomiting, I decide I will take charge of the situation. There is no one else. A quick call and help is on it's way. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. A short time later and I am loaded snuggly in an ambulance, with a nice fluid drip attached to my arm. I glance toward the rear window... and the large digital clock just above it. The time is 12:22. At first, I only see the 222, red against the black background. I physically startle. The jolt made the EMT turn around to look behind him. Remember the earlier 111? I did.

Number check... and 222 tells you to remain peaceful, positive and balanced, everything will turn out for the best in the long run.

As we are preparing to go, I notice a neighbour has arrived and is talking with the nice emergency personnel. This is so incredibly uncomfortable. I hear, "don't worry about the gate, I'll close it behind you." Then, I notice the bright reflection of the time on the ceiling of the ambulance. Upside-down. 555 in bright red on the cream coloured surface, centred above the windows, a reflection of the 222 clock numbers. The number one didn't reflect due to a curve in the roofline. That struck me as odd. My eyes dance back and forth from the clock to the reflection.

Number Check... and 1222 is reminder to trust that your home and family will be well provided for as you strive towards achieving your goals.
Number Check... and 555 tells you it is time to let go of all the ‘old stuff' that no longer serves you. It's all about releasing old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles, trusting it will be replaced with something beneficial. A reminder to ask for help if afraid. You are not alone.

As I lay in the emergency room with my heart racing weirdly, hooked up to monitors and fluid drips, I foggily send a text to a druid friend regarding a workshop the next day. Then, I decide to ask for spiritual help creating a sacred and healing space around me. The response to my meditative inquiry was more positive than expected.

Following a learned ceremonial formula, I reach out, requesting access and opening of my Akashic records. An odd choice, I know, but it seemed right at the time. I ask if it was time for me to leave the physical body - meaning die - and was told definitely not, that I had much to do in the many years remaining. At first, I am awash in energies of love and care. I feel myself floating outside myself - this continued off and on throughout the day. The holding of the space helps me to feel physically safe in a difficult situation. Since I was there, with clear and powerful spiritual attention focused on me, it occurs to me to ask if there was any way for these beings holding the healing space to help me release anything from my past that may have brought me to this point.

There is a firm sense of yes, and then I feel that they proceed to clear away, gently and with care, what feels like a heavy burden from my body. So, I ask if they could clear things so my family going forward and my ancestors going backward would also be healed.

Again there is a sense that they say yes, the feeling of a relieving of a weight and the resulting lightness of self follows. Feeling sort of cheeky, I then ask if this healing could also be done for past lives - feels like I should cover my bases. They say yes, and once again there is a physical sensation of releasing a burden. There is an accompanying, metaphorical vision/image of a glowing gold chain and collar being removed. I felt calm despite the sporadic beeping and gurgling of machines.

At this point, I say goodbye and thank you, expecting the session to close. I am very gently advised that they would not be leaving, that they would stay with me throughout. I feel enfolded in wings of white feathers. It is incredible.

A short while later, I become aware of a bright, dazzling white light focused on my left side under my arm on the chest wall. It appears to be healing me. I have a distinct vision and physical sensation of this light isolating and removing small yellowish coloured lumps from the veins or nerves in my body there. There is a pulling sensation as the extraction is completed, then the area is sealed with white then purple glowing light. As the purple light fades, I become aware of a mass of dark beings outside the ring of white gentle wings.

I am concerned and ask the feathered beings whether the others were of the light. I am told no, but that they were very old beings and have my highest good at heart. So, I allow them inside the circle of feathers. They are dark with shadows and sort of crawl around me in the manner of bent, very ancient men and women, stooping in close, and then circling around. One hovered over to examine me, then presses a clear vial of glowing, swirling white and blue fluid into my palm. They don't speak, but with a transfer of thought, I am "let know" to drink the fluid in the vial in order to heal a part of me not yet addressed by the other two healings.

As soon as I fleetingly think, ok I will drink this ... my next realization is that it is already done. I have no recollection of how it was ingested or what it tasted like, or even how it felt going down. I am a bit shocked, actually. No opportunity for second thoughts. The Ancient Ones then slide into the background behind the light circle of white wings and gentle beings.

These Ancients addressed things in a different way than the feathered beings or the light working being. They were all respectful of each other though. It was as though each were working to heal a different aspect of the whole. I felt completely at peace, surrounded by circles of Beings. It felt like a HUGE space, but I was unable to see beyond the ring of ancestors, as though the light from the feathered beings cast everything further out into darkness, like a spotlight.

So, there I was in the hospital bed with nothing more to do after this incredible spiritual healing and out of body experience. As I wait for test results amid the beeping and bleeping, I am reminded of the book. Repeatedly, by snippets of conversations overheard, or even through random sentences addressed directly to me. Weirdness overload already! I grab my phone, check my messages - *OMG moment - and begin reading the downloaded book.

Druid Friend: "I’ll light a candle and ask the Ancestors to be with you in strength. Lightworker Friend asked to send some healing light energy your way."
Lightworker Friend: “Sent healing light. Reached out to feel where to send the light and didn't find a single "body" but a whole land. Was like you were the whole land. Rolling grass and snowy mountains. Sound of music. Saw a white bird, fleeting, swan? Crane? Feeling more the crane?
Druid Friend: I stood outside under the bright moon and stars and asked The Ancestors to circle you with strength. How can a candle compare to the light of the bright moon and stars?

Given my oh-so-recent experiences, I feel very confident there is something in the book that just might be helpful. The narrative grabs my shamanic attention right away when the doctor writing it proposed not treating the symptoms of modern disease but rather determining the root cause, then proceeding to do just that, right down to the communication between the mitochondria in the cells and the chemicals produced by our bodies when we ingest certain foods, and interact with our environment. Food is medicine, he says. I read on, interspersed with bouts of floating outside my body.

After numerous tests and bags of fluid for my beleaguered physical body, I am released at 10 pm. Feeling like I've been run over by a truck from all the stress hormones; cortisol and adrenaline, plus lactic acid from the muscle tremors and spasms, and sporting a portable heart monitor to track any arrhythmia, I climb into the car for the journey home. At that precise moment, the radio loudly blurts out the lyrics from "I will survive." I burst out laughing.

Later that night, the silence of the boreal forest enfolding the house, I fall asleep with the strains of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" whispering as a bizarrely apropos and random earworm through my thoughts. "Don't worry, about a thing. Cuz every little things gonna be all right..." Altogether a mind-blowing day.

As of Friday, my husband and I have both changed our eating habits. The sense of hypertension, agitation and exhaustion, as well as muscle spasms and pain has lifted. We truly laughed together, with light-hearted joy, for the first time in a great many years. The difference is shocking in its obviousness.

I am sending copies of this book to my children, that is how strongly I feel about it. This is something I never do. The book was written by a celebrated heart surgeon who opened a medical research facility spurred by ancient Hippocrates' assertion that food is medicine. This book is a synopsis of his findings. It is called The Plant Paradox. His name is Dr. Steven R. Gundry. I hope you give it a read.

With the powerful out of body experience/healing I had, I feel I am now doing my part - taking care of the physical body, as they did the mind, spirit and soul.

Strength follows. I sense the ancestors are still in a circle around me, and the feathered beings have advised, through meditative check-in, they are only a thought away. I stood in the moonlight with the horses last night filled with gratitude for the change.

I feel whole in a way I do not remember ever feeling in my entire life.

That is all.


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