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Updated: Feb 19



Sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow and not make waves, to stay quiet, but there are times when you just gotta sing!

Nature expresses itself through sound. Our four-legged and feathered relatives sing and call out to communicate with each other, with us. They spread their sounds out into the Universe with an expression of gladness, of joy, love, peace, defence, warning, and welcome. Their song draws love to them, repels their enemies, and touches all around with energy, the impact of which we are not yet fully aware. We don't know how it all connects, how it all fits together in the mysterious melody of the universal song. So, it is magic. It is powerful.

You have a song that lives within you, notes that make up a part of this same, great, universal magic. Will you let it out, sing it out? Are you afraid?

Some people are. They do nothing because they believe they do not have this power, this song within. They give their power away to the belief that they are powerless. Yet, what it really all boils down to is fear. Fear of not being enough, that their personal song, their creativity, their inner dream will fail, a harsh self-judgement based in fear of the song within that results in a freeze effect - and hesitation out of fear of failure results in failure. They fail 100% of the opportunities they don't take.

Nature's message today is a reminder, a sign, if you will, that it's time to make it real, to follow your passions. To do.

Take this opportunity to create something deeper. It's not always easy, but you are more powerful than you believe, the energy of your song, your life, affects all around you, whether you acknowledge it or not. You may have spent time dreaming of doing, today's message speaks of moving into action. It's time to act, to sing out. Each note you sing out builds confidence, and if a few notes are off-key at first, if you lose the melody and need to begin again, well, at least the flow of your song's energy is open, your truth is showing, and you are creating a deeper connection to the song that is Nature, the universe. You are playing your true part.

Trust the power, the creativity within you. Do not be afraid to understand that you are the singer of your life's song. It's time to see yourself differently. Trust in your power and the magic within, and act. It's time to sing your song. Today. Now.

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