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What to do when everything seems locked in place due to emotional intensity and you find your vision is blocked due to worries and anxiety.

There are large, black birds that like to hang out in our pine forests. They have iridescent feathers that seem to change colour depending on how the light strikes them. When you are drawn to this shifting in shades, lights and colours, it can often be a reminder to be aware of the shifting and intensifying of emotions around you. A reminder that it may be in your best interest and highest good to take a step back and see if there is a less destructive, more creative way to handle things.

Take a look at what is going on in your life, change your perspective, look again. Maybe you are not seeing things clearly. Maybe it is time to request outside help to balance the emotions, clear the anxiety. If you are having difficulty seeing your way clear, another's perspective can be enlightening.

Pine trees work for me.

The essence, the scent of pine is very therapeutic for unbalanced and intense emotions. Breathing deeply with intention while in a pine forest, or even under a large pine tree, can bring you to a state of calmness, a sense of the rebalancing of emotion. It inspires a desire to work toward releasing old, destructive feelings, clearing them away, and finding new, creative ways of handling them before things become more complicated than they already are, before it affects your physical body.

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