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Updated: Feb 22

Echoes of Ancient Paths


I know the deepest places of your heart and soul, and stand ready to assist you on your path of discovery.

The gate was open. Is there anything more alarming than the thought that you may have suffered a heart numbing loss? Anything more uplifting than the discovery that your worst case scenario is still only that? An alarming thought.

Thoughts are powerful. They raise your blood pressure, stir the emotions, create panic, anxiety, self-doubt and recriminations. Thoughts affect your body, your emotions, your ability to breath and function effectively in the world.

One of the horses stood on the pathway, waiting for me. I was drawn to play. We danced together down the path, at liberty, no rope between us yet moving together in harmony. When we were done and returned toward the barn, that is when I saw him. Another horse, our old man Echo, stood solid in the path.

I was so drawn to how he occupied, filled up and held the space, that I felt I had to capture the moment. My gaze was repeatedly drawn to how he owned the pathway and I had to make certain that the pathway was visible in the photograph. So I moved around him, snapping pic after pic. The pathway felt important, part of the message I had yet to absorb. Echo's markings, his colours, are intriguing. They follow a pattern often seen in the wild horses hereabouts. They are called primal markings; the stripe down his spine, mane and tail, the points of his ears, the horizontal stripes on his legs. Ancient. Primal.

When I returned to the ranch office, I felt drawn to explore my experience a bit further, there was just something whispering in the back of my mind that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I wrote it down, edited the photographs, and sat with it a bit in reflection. Finally, I was drawn to a deck of inspiration cards, and drew a card called Ancestor of Guidance. The interpretation included the phrase "Echoes of Ancient Paths".


The given interpretation spoke of guidance on an inner journey of the spirit, nudges and guidance provided to stay on the right path without wrong turns or decisions. It spoke of the companionship of family on the journey along life's path, of their counsel and guidance. To me it spoke of an amazing intelligence connecting all things, the gate, my thoughts, the harmony of the liberty dance, that particular horse, the markings, his name, the path he was on, that particular card pulled out of a 52 card deck. It spoke of a primal connection to all my family, current, ancestral, those of the Spiritworld, and especially the four-leggeds, and a thought-provoking acknowledgment of the echoes of ancient paths.

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