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When you fall, when you fail, and we all do, don't make that your last act. Reach deep down into your heart and pull forth the energy, the will, to get up. Keep going!

One of the most important things I learned from my experience with horses is about having heart, that it's all right to live a life with heart. A big heart. I was born with a big heart, not physically, but soul-wise, a way of being in the world that is often too sensitive for the colder, uglier aspects of our society. I was always the one that would cry when a sibling was spanked, I felt things differently. It was bad, and good. I had access to this unlimited source of deep and profound compassion, love and joy.

Horses have such a heart. They trust, even when you make mistakes, when you don't communicate clearly and they don't understand why you are frustrated. I've discovered that left to their own devices, they hold their boundaries, leave, and come back another day, without judgement. I'm like that. You might think I trust too easily, that it let's others take advantage because I forgive too easily. Maybe. I've definitely fallen, hard. Failed, big. I also believe big, love hard. I may expect too much, think too highly of people, believe too easily in the inherent goodness and rightness of humanity, but it gives me access to that deep well of profound truth that can't be expressed with mere words.

Working and watching the horses, how they interact with each other, with us two-leggeds, sparked a realization. There's a level of perseverance that cannot be found anywhere other than the heart, and we all have one of those. We exercise to keep it healthy, pumping blood through our bodies, flushing it clear of blockages, so it give us it's best performance when and if we should need it to do something spectacular. What if we all exercised the energetic heart the same way, too?

Like a horse, I have heart. This wildly beating, energetically flowing, organ in my chest, my being, and it has saved me many times.

  1. I learned how to forgive, not for the other, but for me, so I don't carry that emotional burden with me throughout my life.

  2. I learned how to let people in, with boundaries.

  3. I learned how to lean on others during my darkest hours.

It is from exercising this heart, that I was able to push on. That I survived. This heart has shown me how beautiful life can be when I connect to others with trust and compassion, with love. When I get up after a fall, a failure, and give my all, saying "yes" to living with heart.

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Move with the horse, as you and your person discover valuable relationship, communication, and life skills that you can apply to every possible endeavour. Bond & learn from the horse, under the expert guidance of a Certified Equine-Assisted Learning Facilitator. A horse's feedback for you is always honest and immediate, so they make the best possible dance partners.


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