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Nature Daily - Overcoming the Fear of Making the Wrong Choice

Overcoming the Fear of Making the Wrong Choice


Free will, the ability to be the author of your own fate rather than just following along a predestined path is a powerful concept, but the idea of free will often bring up fear. Fear of any kind requires courage to face it, nurturing to support the process, and faith to step into the dark and overcome it.

Today we are discussing Overcoming the Fear of Making the Wrong Choice, by Sign of the Pines knowledge broker, Sherri Phibbs, Eco-ART Therapy (Certified & Accredited), Equine Assisted Learning (Certified), Reiki Master (Certified), with extensive studies In Expressive Art & Animal-Assisted Therapies, Shamanic Practice, Eco-Psychology.

Most creative, empathic people with responsibilities and an internal code of ethics have experienced that gut-wrench freeze-in-place feeling of realizing that their truly important choices often have consequences and risks they have no way of calculating. Sherri shows us how we can actually step out confidently on a new path and not just cave-in and let outside circumstances or others take charge.

Course Overview

By debunking and clearing self-defeating beliefs and cultivating a sense of personal power, you can move through the fear and find the confidence and motivation to make life-enhancing choices. In this eye-opening course, you will be guided towards a hands-on perspective that will shift your understanding of free will and choices, and will empower healthy action for your personal wellness. Over a series of 7 lessons, you'll work through your fears, learn to identify the 'right' choices, and build a better relationship with your inner critic.

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Discussion With Sherri Phibbs

Interviewer: In one of the early lessons you teach that we should expect to feel drawn to the 'right' choice, Tell me a bit about this idea.

SP: Its the way Nature works, a web of interconnection that draws us towards what we need in the moment to sustain us. When our bodies become dehydrated, for instance, suddenly the web string that extends between us and water begins to activate, and when we learn to recognize and pay attention to our senses this energy shift catches our attention, water becomes attractive. We drink and feel better. By following where the draw is, we find what sustains us.

Interviewer: Why do our perceptions of choice matter? How does this course help?

SP: Free will is a gift, not a punishment. For example, you can look at the ability to make your own choices, to walk your own path, as an invitation to stumble and fall, disaster and failure. Of course we all fail, we all fall, but to approach each choice with such a discouraging mindset puts you at risk for unhealthy outcomes. In this course, personal beliefs are examined and debunked, allowing you to transform your self-defeating thought patterns from negative to positive. We explore where you are now and build a new relationship with your inner critic. You will learn how you're already naturally inclined towards following where you are drawn and how you can take actions for your longterm wellness.

Interviewer: Please share your own journey of transforming your fear of making the wrong choice to one of confidence in recognizing the right one.

SP: In my early 40's I had been pushing myself relentlessly with parenting, work, and volunteering, knowing in my heart that I wasn't on the right path. I had a history of feeling like I was never good enough which morphed into agonizing, fence-sitting, being frozen and unable to make decisions, yet wanting so badly to choose correctly, so I'd shouted out to the universe, "hey, I can't seem to find where I should be, can you help." The next thing I knew I was in a vehicle collision.

The resulting injuries, and the possibility that there had actually been an answer to my request, sent my life off in a completely unexpected direction. I drifted for awhile, in a haze of pain medications, therapies and courses to retrain myself for a different career, bobbing along wherever the waves of life seemed to send me.

During that time, I began to notice patterns. When I followed something that intrigued me, drew me in, it helped me to heal on one level or another. That's when I looked around and recognized that there were so many others struggling with the same beliefs that had held me back. Not a fear of making the wrong choice really, but more a lack of trust in ourselves, brought on by unconsciously giving away our own power. Everyone else, the supposed experts, the parents, friends, lovers, etc., knew better what was best for us than we did.

When my mind cleared, I committed to learning more about this. Many years of study later, and a great many unexplainable synchronicities while following the draw and I discovered that my fear of making the wrong choice had been transformed into a sense of personal power. I've discovered a divine sense of balance and wellness. Like anyone, I still have setbacks. I fall and make mistakes, but I handle them differently. I seek help and get right back up again, moving along when its time to move. I feel empowered to take action.

Interviewer: In this course, you encourage students to write and analyze the naturally drawn experiences they have on a body, mind, spirit and soul level. Why is this type of activity important?

SP: Standing in our own power, being confident in our choices, requires us to take wellness promoting action. When we take action in the now, it sets us up for a continual stream of similar actions for our long term highest good. Practice makes perfect, yes. By checking in on every level, and learning to recognize what our senses are telling us is right for us, we are exercising our personal power muscles. At first it feels odd and a bit uncomfortable, but with time and practice it becomes part of our unconscious muscle memory and we move toward wellness automatically following the draw to what is sustaining for us.

Interviewer: In a number of the lessons, you encourage participants to seek a connection with Nature when considering decisions, managing changes, building relationships and processing emotions. Why focus on connecting with Nature, on Eco-Reconnection?

SP: Fear is visceral. It stimulates our nervous system and activates our fight, flight or freeze response, flooding our bodies with stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, we become out of balance. To get passed the anxiety, focusing on what we sense has been proven to work very well. Eco-Reconnection is based on the simple understanding that all things in the universe are energetically connected and balanced... that all beings, animals, humans, trees, plants, birds, fish, future, past, present, et al, are related and inter-connected as part of a self-balancing, self-sustaining organism; from the tiniest particle on a quantum level, to our planet, to our multi-dimensional multi-verse on a macro level.

Eco-Reconnection allows the intelligence in that connectivity to help us create and maintain a healthy balance within ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and society.

Earlier we talked about the water example, the energetic threads that connect you to water activate when your body is dehydrated, making water look attractive to you. You drink water and feel better. When you follow a thread of natural attraction like this, you are drawn to what you need in the moment, to that which naturally sustains you. Simple, right?

What if you were then told that there are a great many of those threads, generated over 54 different natural pathways that you can use to sense how Nature communicates with you?

And, all those threads have the potential to pull you directly toward what makes you feel better; not only physically, but emotionally, mindfully, spiritually, soulfully. When you think about your fear of making the wrong choice, connecting with Nature through your own senses helps you relax and recognize where you are drawn.

Interviewer: What advice do you have for others who are feeling the fear of making the wrong choices?

SP: Be kind and gentle to yourself. We are so often our own worst critics. Self-judgements can be so harsh. Acknowledge your fear. Don't expect it to go away or resolve itself overnight. It takes time and nurturing to get passed it. Understand that you have the power within you to make a difference, to transform your life one tiny step at a time, moment by moment. Put your faith in your own senses, let them guide you into the dark to sit with and face your fear. Understand that not making a decision, not taking an action can often create more problems than making the wrong decision. It's time to enter the darkness and face the fear. Only then does the light at the end of the tunnel come into view, and no, it's not a train! ;-) Your own effort can change your life for the better. The magic has awakened, now find a way to express it.


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