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What Does it Mean When You See a Grey Owl?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

There are a number of good symbolism reference books out there. Both Harner and Andrews were prolific writers. For older, check Carlos Castaneda. Personally, I preferred my in person apprenticeship more than the research. Nothing beats hands on.

As for your own personal signs or symbols, whether they be shapes, colours, stones, animals, a combination of those, or whispers of your intuition, the internet is a good starting point for researching symbolism, as is any reading material. The trouble is what you read is based on someone else's experience, determined through their own personal bias and cultural filter. One hundred percent accurate for them perhaps, but maybe not quite right for you, yes?

Eco-reconnection, organic psychology, shamanism and even animal assisted learning, is about a personal connection to the natural world. It's about touching and connecting to the divine teacher in all things, and it requires getting your hands dirty, examining your own inner wildscape, as well as the external one.

Whatever shape or colour (or nature being) holds significance for you, may not translate to someone else in a like manner, and vice versa. Determining your own personal symbolic legend is essential to begin to analyze the deeper meaning behind what you are experiencing. You do that through repeated and (initially at least) guided vision questing. That builds understanding, confidence and connection.

Journalling and eco-art expression helps me make the time to put my spiritual inner wildscape and my perceptions of it into a visual and language form. It moves me from the liminal place I usually inhabit when 'connecting' to the physical reality into something concrete and relatable.

So, what does it mean when you see a grey owl?

There is a deep wisdom in a Shaman's sense-extended vision walks, but transferring the knowing to something that makes sense to another through analysis of symbolism take concentrated attention and practice. Each experience is highly personal and subjective. It speaks to others of possibilities rather than 'this is how it is' ... eco-psychology, shamanism, and animal assisted learning, all allow Nature the opportunity to be your teacher. Books and written articles, like this one, are for reference only, an outline or jumping off point ... not to be taken as definitive and unyielding truths.

When examining your colours, shapes, animal sightings, look to your own interpretation of what Nature teaches you. Go ahead, do the research, check what others say, then tell me what you know of the nature of great grey owls. How do they interact with their families and others? What do they eat? Where do they build their homes? Et cetera. Then tell me what speaks to you. What that means to you, personally.

Sherri Phibbs is a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner and Consultant in Eco-Reconnection for Integrated Wellness. She is the author of two books, has an online art store for her artwork and offers personal training through a series of hands-on Vision Lab experiences.


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