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I spent DECADES searching for the most effective tools to help me recover from the chaos that was my life.


I don't want you to have to do the same...

You CAN step into YOUR OWN POWER and LIVE WELL with clarity, passion, and purpose, even if you are currently suffering under a heavy stress load and feeding the fires of burnout.  

How do I know this? Well, I know because I did it. 


Let me tell you a story about how I moved from ‘Burnout Queen’ to ‘Balance and Clarity Sage’



My life was ... "logical"



Growing up there was no Nature connection, no rhythms, no cycles, no cultural or traditional teachings about nature and spirituality. We lived in the cut & dried logical world of an accountant turned programmer / systems analyst. Not that there is anything wrong with that in a regular household sense, but ours was a bit different. In fact, anything that was outside the logical, accepted norm was met with harsh consequences. Colouring outside the lines was unacceptable.


To put things into perspective, my mother took me aside at one point in my mid-thirties just after my first marriage fell apart (now there’s a story in itself). I had sold the house and just bought the kids and I our own condo... and she ... this tiny, fierce lady with the most compelling blue eyes ... who had lived through decades of forced hospitalizations, inappropriate medications and multiple electric shock therapies ... she looked me in the eyes and said, "Sherri, I would never have survived if I would have had to go through what you've gone through. 



I was shocked, speechless!



Her candid assessment made me take a hard look at what was behind me. So, I made a timeline of my life... that's where you draw a single line to represent your life and plot out different events by date along it. It was a big eye-opener for me. I now know there is psychological terminology for this, Chronic High Stress, or in layman’s terms, BURNOUT. In my case, it had begun in early childhood and continued right into my mid-thirties and beyond. So, of course, as soon as I realized this, that's when the Universe decided to step in and really shake up my tree.



Nature whispered, "You're off-balance."



Honestly, it was more of a shout. Dramatic & in my face. No drugs, no alcohol, honest to God, unfortunately, barely any food either because, delinquent child support… I was making sure the kids had what they needed. Did I mention prior multiple miscarriages, weight loss, job instability due to corporate restructuring, verbal abusive from a former spouse struggling with alcoholism, one parent I loved but who was abusive due to mental illness and abandonment by the other? Not whining, just stating facts. It was what it was. Chronic High Stress. I was the ‘Queen of Burnout’, remember? 


Anyway, at this point in the story, I had been praying for guidance, asking for clarity, and I had a vision in my living room, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. I saw this wolf, who showed me a panoramic scene that was metaphoric for my life at that time. 


I was terrified. On top of everything else, I thought I was losing my mind. I went through six months of odd synchronistic happenings and mind-bending experiences, things that would show up like intentional pings from another computer, then one night at about 2 a.m., I'd had enough and screamed to the rafters, "Stop! Just stop!"


And, it did! Like flipping a switch. I was SO relieved. Mental illness doesn't stop just because you want it to. Many years later, I called it an accidental vision quest and wrote a book about it. It opened my eyes to alternative possibilities, but I didn't want to see. So, I shut it out, and went on surviving. One foot in front of the other, just like the vision had shown me. Surviving. Not thriving. For years. But, through it all...



The stress kept building.



And, I kept ignoring it. Until a nearly head-on car crash put me in intensive care and made it impossible for me to continue on the same path. That’s when I began to really dig in and explore alternative possibilities. That’s when I began to wake up and listen. 


Nature connection/immersion, is a lifelong study and something I am passionate about, now that I know how it works it's one of my favourite tools in my toolbox. For a long while, I struggled with my own recovery and healing, post traumatic stress, belief structures, spiritual and cultural stereotypes. Not knowing where to go to learn, for decades, I threw myself into extensive studies, in science-based, then spiritual-based, then nature and animal-assisted learning, tools, and practices.



I was obsessed.



I became Eco-Art Therapy certified, with university credit, achieved internationally recognized certification in equine-assisted learning, and another in conflict resolution. I studied eco-psychology, expressive art therapy and animal-assisted therapies. I volunteered, taught horsemanship to children with autism and women with fear issues. I created and taught nature-assisted stress management workshops through my studio. I made art, wrote books. At church, I taught basics of faith, and worked on social justice and worship committees. As well, I took workshops with elders, a women's sweat lodge, took and taught drum making and drum circles; studied healing touch, mastered Reiki and Akashic record healing. I apprenticed with a shaman, and took classes from another. Mind, body, spirit and soul. 


Some of it fit, some felt awkward. Some of it worked for me, some didn't. When things went sideways, I'd softly pray for guidance, at the last possible moment, and with my eyes clenched shut and my shoulders hunched, hoping there wouldn't be another vision. 



Still, Nature whispered.



Then there was a pivotal moment. After all those decades of study, research, and experience, I had a definitive, life-altering breakthrough! The strangest, to me, and the most powerful realization of my life. Nature, or whatever you want to call the intelligent web strings that are the connective glue that holds all things together, Nature ... is the teacher that draws me, in a scientifically repeatable way, to what sustains me, balances me, heals me.



That awareness made all the difference.



I didn't need to try and fit into someone else's prescribed healing process box. I am a Nature-Being and I follow where Nature draws me, experiencing a consistent flow of delightful conversations, learnings, inspirations, healing and insights. I am on my own unique journey of understanding, riding the waves and staying balanced on life's weirdest rollercoaster ride, without losing it, even though I would have rather just shut it out.



...and you! You are a Nature-Being, too.



Yes, you. And, I'm willing to bet you're not here because you're living the dream. We've all read the self-help books now collecting dust on our shelves with the best of intentions. You're created to be connected to Nature, but more so, you are created to be in direct, purposeful communication with Nature, with the environment that sustains you. What you have to recognize, is that as a Nature-Being, you have the ability to choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life.



Is there such a thing as living a higher quality life?



You can probably answer that right now. Yes, of course! It's easy to live a higher quality life, maintaining optimal wellness is the key. Wellness is a process. Rarely can we just wake up in the morning and decide to no longer feel stress. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our body, mind, spirit, and soul.


HUMANS AGAINST BURNOUT is where we're going to talk about natural processes of change and growth that move you towards choosing to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than freedom from illness. The key is optimal wellness. You do not need to be an experienced naturalist or artist to be able to connect with, learn from Nature the way I do.



Nature is powerful.



Nature has the ability to sway thinking, to change people's actions. I'm here to tell you that Nature wants to connect with you. You want to be able to apply wellness in every possible aspect of your life. Nature is what creates every incredible change and growth in the wellness process and I want you to begin training your senses to understand how Nature communicates and guides you to what sustains you, what will bring you optimal wellness.


As a Nature-Being, we have the responsibility to actively be a part of the world. You're going to have new keys that are going to open fun new doors to the profound wisdom of Nature, applying a powerful, deeply playful wellness process in your everyday life, so you can live well, with passion, clarity, and purpose.

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Humans Against Burnout

Begin Your Journey Toward Optimal Wellness

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It's time:
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  • to acquire the first keys to optimal wellness, to reach your full potential, to reset your life. 
  • to move toward choosing to live a meaningful life with passion and purpose.

Are you listening? Nature has a message just for you... 

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Feeling the burn of burnout?

Suffering under heavy stress loads, struggling to live well with passion, clarity, and purpose?

I challenge you to step back a moment, re-evaluate, and move toward optimal wellness by relaxing into sense-based, direct-response, nature-assisted creativity.

You are not only welcome, but invited, to join me online, as we explore the tools I have learned through decades of study, research, and experience. Tools that you will be able to use anywhere and anytime they are needed.

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Day 1: Friday, October 16th

7:00 PM - 7:30 PM - The Clarity Tool 


7:30 PM - 7:45 PM - Storytelling


7:45 PM - 9:00 PM - How to Read Nature: Discover and explore the basic building blocks of sense-based direct response nature connection, and answer the three most important questions... What do you sense? How does it make you feel? What does it mean?


Day 2: Saturday, October 24th

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM - Freeing Your Inner Creative: Challenge cross-cultural definitions of art and creativity. Identify and unblock any negative blocks, beliefs or wranglers, freeing and strengthening your natural inner creative.

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM - Q & A Session

Day 3: Saturday, October 31st

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM - Come to Your Senses: Explore, train and strengthen your natural attraction senses through direct, purposeful communication with Nature. 

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM - The One Thing to Fix All

12:15 PM - 12:30 PM - Q & A Session

These are the first, basic keys of The NEW Stress & Burnout Survival Course, and they will begin to move you toward optimal wellness and reaching your full potential.

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Begin Your Journey Toward Optimal Wellness

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  • YOU have firm beliefs that speak out against or forbid the connection to, benefits of, or possibilities inherent in learning from Nature 

  • YOU have a cultural teaching or predisposition that prohibits an open-minded, open-hearted approach to connecting with Nature

  • YOU would like to get out of a negative thinking loop, but don't want to take the time or energy and break the cycle