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Success Stories

Celebrating the many people who transformed

their lives with Nature's assistance.

“Excellent workshop. The setting was gorgeous, relaxing & welcoming; & Sherri was very knowledgable, organized, flexible & welcoming. Not only did we create beautiful drums, we were given the opportunity to connect with Nature & our own intuition as part of the creation experience. A wonderful experience for anyone! Thank you!”

— Christina MacLeod

“A profoundly exquisite experience. Sherri is a gentle facilitator, drawing from a deep well of wisdom & knowledge. This was so much bigger than a drum-making class - it was a way of looking at my life from an elemental perspective. I feel so connected to my environment & myself in a more expansive & intimate way. Much gratitude...”

— Gayle Leary

“ I loved the meditation time, 

connecting with the land, nature, myself & my drum. I truly enjoyed every moment of the weekend from meeting the lovely ladies that were part of the workshop to Sherri's gentle spirit & kindness. It will remain in my heart & soul. Thank you for hosting such a meaningful workshop! I will definitely tell others about it...”

— Marilyn M, FEEL Practioner

“An excellent experience. Sherri not only taught us how to make a drum, but showed us how to make it a part of our soul. We learned the history of drumming across many cultures & how to connect our drums with air, water, fire & earth. We were able to reach a connectedness that went beyond the physical. Well taught. ”

— Liz B, Calgary

“Treat yourself to an enlightening and rejuvenating experience under Sherri's guiding's a day you will not soon forget!”

— Barbara B., Nursing Consultant

Calgary, AB

“You led us through some interesting, calming, challenging and above all, enlightening exercises.  
I will highly recommend this to anyone!”

— Ron Long, Calgary, AB

“You provided a professional yet at the same time a comfortable feel to each session. I felt "cared for" and worthy. I recognized that you were walking your talk; this is important to me.”

— Gabriela O., FEEL Practioner

Calgary, AB

“Sherri was incredible in holding the process, giving directions (both artistic and spiritual) and guiding us through the experience with gentleness and a great sense of humor - what a great combination.”

— Anna F., Graphic Artist


“Sherri is full of laughter and infinite patience. She listens with all her senses. There are times in your life when you are blessed to meet an extraordinary person at just the right moment of your journey. For me, Sherri is just such a person. ”

— Scott T., Druid

Calgary, AB

“Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Sherri comes away feeling stronger about themselves and their place in the world.  Well worth the time!"

Carlann Thomas, 
Thomas Creek Ranch WIldflower Honey, Alberta

“It had a nice pace between the hands-on work and the reflection time.  The setting is exquisite.  I will treasure my drum and the memory of making it.  Thank you for creating and offering this workshop.  I would like to bring a group of ladies next spring!”

— Joanne N., Calgary, AB

“Thank you for allowing enough time and thoughtful, heart-centred activities to expand the subtleties of my senses. I learned so much about myself and it was a timely workshop to remind myself that I am nature not just in it.  Very grateful.”

— Sandy D'Acey, Calgary, AB

“Very unique & full of surprises, leading you to places unknown. A wonderful healing journey for anyone willing to open their mind & heart to the aspects of nature & healing. I highly recommend it.”

— Bonnie Lee Taylor, AB

“Sherri's wisdom & conversational style of teaching & integrating our internal seer through the process of drum-making was engaging, creative and sacred in the safe space she creates for learners.”

— B.K., AB

“5 stars!  I had a great day today!  It was great from finish to last but I have to say working with Echo was so exceptional.  I truly enjoyed this day and it went by very fast.  Thank you Sherri for making it such a pleasant day!”

— Yvette McDermott, Calgary, AB

“You MUST experience this magical transformation .....thoughts & feelings coming to life before your own are actually breathing life into your artwork piece...A truly amazing way to create something so personal & special ....”

— Barb B., Retired Nurse

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