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The Accidental Shaman
42 Steps to Awakening

Note from the Author:  

​"This book, The Accidental Shaman, takes you on a journey of awakening, sharing 42 of the most important life skill tips I picked up by actively seeking a conversation with the natural world. Gifts from nature, horses, from spirit.  I also share my easy to use nature connection practice, so you can begin healing, balancing and grounding your own life with Nature's wisdom.

I hope you enjoy the artwork, the nature reconnection practice, the honesty of the raw and heartfelt stories. It begins in the liminal places, where science and the woo-woo meet... what you make of it, is up to you."

- Sherri A. Phibbs

42 Steps to Awakening
The Final Art-Down
An Elemental Guide to Strengthening Your Artistic Voice

A compilation of one-sitting artworks and journal entries counting down to the end of the world - according to the Mayan Calendar - December 21, 2012. Started as an exercise to manage a youth's anxiety, the project grew to include a step-by-step practice of nature connection and it's benefits, complete with the assistance of Mother Earth and the Elements.

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