If you've ever started a conversation with "The WEIRDEST thing happened..." and you're seeking a nurturing space to share your story and help you process the experience -- join us for an afternoon healing the disconnect between reality and belief.

As the veil thins with the season and the darkness of the night grows long ...

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Do you have what it takes to share that one story... the one that is different from all the rest?
To gather together with strangers in the woods and explore the secrets hidden within your most frightening experience?


Only 6 Spots Available
TBD, SPRING 2020,  1:00 - 4:00 PM

Join Your Hosts

for an afternoon of healing the disconnect between reality & belief

Scott T.


Mentored by the

United Kingdom Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids

Sherri P.

Author, The Accidental Shaman

Holistic Intuitive Practitioner in

Eco-Reconnection for Integrated Wellness

The Rules

Scary Stories in the Woods is a fireside circle for adults sharing story, it is not a networking event. We are creating a safe and non-judgmental forum for the sharing of personal story. Set in the peaceful and beautiful forests of the Rocky Mountain foothills, let's keep it friendly as we toss around ideas and discuss the possible origins of these experiences. 

Our Vision

​Grab a mug and pull up a chair. We've both had these "the weirdest thing happened" experiences, too.


Wouldn't it be nice, we thought, to give people a safe place to share their stories. Let's face it, it isn't easy to share stories like these sometimes.

Our Mission

​Honestly, we believe such experiences are perfectly natural and are a legitimate extension of our senses. Why and how do these experiences occur?

We would like to hear your stories and share ideas.

The Venue

So, pour yourself some hot chocolate, pull up a chair in front of the fire in Sherri's charming studio space 20 minutes north of Cochrane, AB, and tell your story, hear others, share ideas. Then let go of old paradigms and negative energies in an eco-reconnection ceremony.


1:00 PM - Opening Ceremony 

1:15 PM - Introduce Yourself, Tell Your Story

3:15 PM - Open Discussion & Mentoring

3:40 PM - Mini Nature Reconnection Experience

3:55 PM - Closing the Circle

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