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Reiki is a popular, non-invasive, low risk healing modality used to promote health and wellness. Based on energetic principles, it is used in many hospitals, medical centres, and private practices worldwide to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation and accelerate natural healing. It is often used to complement and support other medical modalities.

Reiki is a relaxing energy healing treatment that works holistically - mind, body and spirit. 


It is important to note that not just anyone can call themselves a Reiki Healer. Professional Reiki Healers must complete a series of courses, beginning with Reiki Level 1, often continuing through Reiki Level 2, then onto the Reiki Master Course and practicum. Some Reiki Healers choose to continue their education to become Reiki Master Teachers, where they can empower others with healing through Reiki. Your session here will be performed by a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shikiryoho method of natural healing.


Distance Healing is an energy healing treatment, offered by a Reiki Practitioner, that occurs when a client is not physically present with the practitioner. Long distances do not interfere with reception or potency. Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time. However, the recipient must give permission to accept the treatment.

The Purpose of a Reiki Treatment
  • The relief of stress and pain.

  • Induce relaxation.

  • Accelerate natural healing.

  • Release emotional blockages.

  • Balance subtle body energies.

  • Complement and support modern or traditional medical modalities.

Research Proves Benefits for:
  1. Post-operative pain after tooth extraction

  2. Cognition in the elderly, related to dementia / Alzheimers

  3. Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain

  4. Pain for the chronically ill

  5. Stress and depression

  6. Well-being for Reiki practitioners.

Not helpful for fibromyalgia pain levels.



Does Distance Reiki Really Work?

In a word, yes.

More than just our physical bodies; we have emotions, thoughts, and spirit - other levels of energy - that exist both separately and in tandem with our physical self. We have an energy body, too.


Our energy body is made up of an energetic field, called an Aura, that surrounds the energy centers called Chakras, and the energy pathways, called Meridians.


Simply put, we are all connected energetically, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. Distance Reiki works through this energy connection to effectively nourish and support your innate body balance. 

What to Expect


Both in-person and distance Reiki sessions are one hour long. There is a special offer on Distance sessions,  a pay what you can afford basis in order to provide care to all those who need it during this stress-filled COVID-19 pandemic.

When you request a session, you will be asked to complete a short, holistic intake form to determine your current state of being and to obtain your permission for the session. 

For your first session you should plan an additional 10-15 minutes so the practitioner can discuss your goals for the session, review your intake paperwork, etc.

If you book a distance session, we will connect via phone at the beginning of your session, then will disconnect and your session will begin.

Distance Reiki is performed on a client who is semi-reclined on a recliner or comfortably reclined on a bed or couch at home, while the Reiki Practitioner conducts the session, at a distance, from their office, studio or clinic.


In-person Reiki is performed with the client on a massage table. Unlike a massage therapy session, you will be fully clothed for a Reiki session. You will want to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.


​You will determine for yourself how Reiki makes you feel. If it is relaxing, and you feel more clarity following the session, you may find that one session is a good beginning, but like many people, after trying one session, you may go on to purchase a series of sessions to progressively work on your current wellness goals.


If you have an acute condition seek out a licensed medical professional immediately.


If you have developed symptoms that could be COVID-19, follow the reporting guidelines in your community for testing and self-isolation. If you have a chronic or current issue, Reiki can be an excellent complement in your health or wellness plan.

Image by Matyas Prochy
" You pick the flower on Earth and you move the farthest star "
                                                            - Paul Dirac, Physicist

During a Session

  • Most clients feel a sense of relaxation and peace. The mind may feel calm and your physical body should feel relaxed, you may even fall asleep during the session. Either asleep or awake, you will still receive all of the benefits of the Reiki session.

  • A Distance Reiki session is done without talking and the practitioner may suggest you have soft ambient music playing in the background to aid in your relaxation. Your practitioner has your highest good at heart and wants to make your session the best experience possible. After the session, if there is anything you would like to share and you may do so at your option via email. This is good feedback for your practitioner’s notes and for planning your next session.

  • As the practitioner’s moves through the Distance Reiki process, you may feel a very slight tingling, heat, or energy, or nothing at all. The sensations or lack thereof are not a measurement of the Reiki sessions effectiveness, this only illustrates how your particular body senses energy. You may feel a peace and calm in your mind or physically in general. It is different for all clients but deep relaxation is the usual.

After a Session

  • After the relaxation of your session, you will possibly feel more grounded and centered. A five minute brisk walk before you drive or take other transportation will add to your groundedness. Be sure that you are fully awake and alert before driving.

  • Please drink plenty of water! Your body’s energy system may be moving at a more optimum rate, so please care for yourself with healthy habits during the day.

  • You may have some insights and further mental clarity as your body continues to process the Reiki session, so journalling after the session is recommended.

Reiki is...


It supports your work with your primary care providers. It may be of benefit with medical issues, pregnancy, life stages, and more. 


Reiki is beneficial and works with your body’s energy, so you can never receive too much Reiki. In fact, your own energetic body is in control of how much Reiki it wants and needs during the session and utilizes it accordingly. Like breathing, you will comfortably take in only as much as you need to support you.

If you have the flu or a contagious disease, are self-isolating or just prefer not to travel, Distance Reiki sessions are ideal.

These sessions are being offered with the option of selecting how much you want to pay, in order to be accessible for all those who may need care during this stress-filled COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of your choice, you will still get the exact session as everyone else. We trust that you are honest and will support the Practitioner of these Distance Reiki sessions with whatever you can truly afford. Remember, if you are not 100% satisfied, you may request a refund.  



How much do you want to pay?





A Note from the Reiki Master

Distance Reiki is so much more than an energy healing treatment; it is an energy that brings hope, love and transformation into our lives, something that connects people; these are things that are so needed in our world right now.


As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have been engaged in Distance healing sessions for my family for quite awhile now, as they have spread over the globe in the last few years and have been impacted by everything from the Australian bushfires to high level course load stress, work / life balance struggles, and the day-to-day with young and elderly family members alike. As I have watched the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have felt strongly nudged to expand these sessions to include others who need care during these uncertain and stress-filled times. 

In this time of social distancing and self-isolation, it is extremely important that these types of services be available to support and promote wellness. So, how to make them available to as many people as possible? I could offer them for free, yet how would I support my own needs during this time? The idea of 'pay what you can afford' has been coming up for me on a number of different levels in the last month. Following that nudge, I am drawn to apply this concept to the Distance Reiki service. That's why such reduced rates. 


Why is this coming up as something I am so strongly drawn to now? Quite honestly, it wasn’t that I went out searching for Distance Reiki, it was more that Distance Reiki found me.  I believe that Reiki will also find you when the time is right and you will be drawn to the Practitioner that is right for you.  It is a process that shouldn't be rushed or ‘sold’ to you, it should feel right and be a unique journey of understanding that you will treasure for a lifetime.


If you are prepared to accept and be open to the journey, I look forward to connecting personally, and to the honour of being able to watch the journey unfold for you, as it has for me.

Warmth & wisdom,

S. A. Phibbs

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